The three pillars of our church’s mission statement are celebrate – connect – contribute.   They really represent a strategy to fulfill the commandment God gave us to love Him and love one another.  Celebrate (or worship) is the front door of the church.  It’s where most of our visitors first experience SCCC – in our worship service.   It’s in worship that people first connect to the church, and it’s our goal that through worship all who attend will experience God.  We then seek to connect people to the church in deeper ways – to encourage deeper relationships through events, small groups, and membership.  As people draw closer to God through celebration and connection, they’ll eventually contribute to the ministry through service, inside and outside of the church.  It’s usually at the contribution stage that people really begin to “own” the ministry and mission of the church.  What has always saddened me in my years of ministry is to see people who are “stuck” at the first pillar – or who refuse to move past the first pillar – celebrate.  Seems that if you really love God, you’ll not only praise Him, you’ll serve Him – that’s the big disconnect.  Too many folks want to enjoy all the benefits of knowing and loving God, but don’t want a part of the sacrificial service He calls us to.  It’s no surprise then that the percentage of folks who move from celebrate to connect and finally to contribute gets smaller and smaller.  It seems to me it ought to be 100% – 100% of those who love God will also connect and contribute.  That’s certainly God’s expectation – connection and contribution (service) aren’t options in His plan – and we who are in Christ shouldn’t see them as options either.